Variable data printing lets you create personalized printed materials for direct mail, advertising, relationship marketing and much more. Our innovative solutions make it simple for you to manage your campaigns – just provide us with the data and we’ll do the rest.

What is Variable Data Printing?

With Variable Data Printing, individual items – such as flyers, booklets, folders or invitations – can be personalized with the names or other custom information for their intended recipients. This personal approach adds tremendous impact to your marketing.

It’s made possible through a combination of digital printing technology and our smart management software that takes care of handling the data and ensuring efficient logistics.

Your full-service printing and distribution Partner

MPK Graphics is more than just a printer – we also manage the warehousing, mailing and distribution of all your direct mail and marketing collateral. Combined with our Variable Data Printing expertise, we’re your perfect partner for successful advertising, marketing and direct mail campaigns.

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