MPK Graphics approaches security as a critical component of the service mix we deliver to our clients. We carefully cater for high security print and we have invested in both physical and digital infrastructure to ensure the security and safety of our clients’ material.

Our Printing and Production site include swipe card access, physically and electronically- isolated production areas, secure air-lock loading bay and security guards when required.

Our detailed security protocols cover four areas of our operations:

  • Secure storage and transmission of data and creative material
  • Secure print production
  • Secure pick-up and delivery service
  • Secure storage of physical product

Products that we currently produce under high-security conditions include:

  • Accountable forms
  • Labels
  • Certificates
  • Annual reports
  • Examination papers
  • Testing materials
  • Other confidential corporate products.

We are also experienced in the use of fugitive and fluorescent inks, micro printing, letterpress, thermographic, embossing, laser numbering and watermarks.

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